RC4 encryption/decryption with SQL Server

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  • got a issue with this one..im not sure why..

    My results are as follows:

    Select dbo.fnEncDecRc4('Orange12345', 'Hello123')

    Output : ,Mgl

    Select dbo.fnEncDecRc4('Orange12345', ',Mgl')

    Output : M

    i am not able to decrypt it. Any idea why this is hapenning? Does it has to do something with regional settings?

  • I found only one issue....I've got a field in my db table that is encrypted for all rows. When I do my 'select' to retrieve data on my webpage in old asp, it actually changes the value in the db table back to descrypted and stores it in the database!

  • Can any one provide this same implementation for Hex values?

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