Raw Materials - The Eyes of Derek

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  • :w00t: This I need to put on wall for Developers to see

  • This is a good one. I wonder if the developers would be ok with it posted where they could see it regularly.

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  • like it!!

    Raunak J

  • Yup, that works everytime.

  • Now I understand why I'm so paranoid! 😉

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  • Very good one Larry.


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  • Brilliant!

    One of our local congregations put in a centralized control system for heating and A/C. There were tiny sensors in the wall in each room. From the central station we could see the temperature, humidity, and air flow rates everywhere in the building. Great, right?

    Still we got complaints of "it's too cold", "it's too hot", "it's drafty", "it's stuffy". It mattered not what the real conditions were people blamed the system.

    One of the old guys went to the local DIY store and got some cheap home thermostats. These got screwed to the wall in every room. The complaints stopped. If someone did not like the room condition they got up and twisted the knob. 😎

    ATBCharles Kincaid

  • I'm going to have to purchase some "eyes" now. lol! Great one Larry!

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  • Great strip! I'm still laughing over it! 😛

  • This reminds me of places that put up security camera boxes that don't do anything. People think they're being watched and behave themselves. 😀

  • Just like paper cops on the side of the road!

  • :crying: You've really hit the mark. It brings a tear to my eye. I now know I'm Derek...

  • I sent it to all developers on my workplace, and after that no one was talking to me that day...

    I loved it! 😀

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  • This is great....:-P

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