Ranges in Analysis Services

  • Does anyone know an easy way of creating a calculated dimension based on a range?

    For example I am creating a customer balance cube and want to show where the customer's balance is from 0 - 9999, 10000 - 19999, 20000 - 29999 etc.

    I don't want to have to predefine each different range value as a row in the underlying view - I would be happy to create tables of ranges for specific cubes - but am not sure of the best way to link to them unless the underlying view returns the nearest 10000 or something as a value. Any ideas - or similar experiences??

  • Have you considered setting up a dimension table like "Customer Tier" that has a row for each bracket you want (e.g. 0 - $10k,$11K-$20K, etc.). You could then join your fact table rows to the appropriate Customer Tier in your fact table load procedure. Once this is set up, you can set up an OLAP dimension for Customer Tier that would give totals for each bracket.

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