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    We just installed SQL Server 2019 on a new server and moved everything over.

    We have two Databases that are named ReportServer$DMP2 and ReportServer$DMP2TempDB.

    a lot of the tables in these are either empty or has very little in them. We do not use SSRS, which I thought that is what these were used for.

    Would anyone know what exactly they would be used for and if I need to script them out and move them over too?

    Thank you



  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • It looks they were databases for the SSRS instance DMP2.

    Do they contain dbo.Catalog, dbo.ChunckData?

    You could track logins against those databases with extented events Tracking Logins with Extended Events | Voice of the DB

    Or put them offline and see who protests

  • I do not know about the  dbo.Catalog, dbo.ChunckData? but I do know we do nothing with SSRS.

    Thank you

  • You could use extended events to track if the database is still in use




  • itmasterw 60042 wrote:

    I do not know about the  dbo.Catalog, dbo.ChunckData? but I do know we do nothing with SSRS.

    Thank you

    Someone - and some point in time - installed an instance of SSRS.  Most likely, they installed a separate instance of reporting services on that server and used the primary instance to host the databases.

    I would review the old server and see if the reporting services service is up and running, and whether or not the reporting services configuration manager is available.  If it is available you can review the configuration to see if the website is available - and if there are any reports published.

    Now - what Jo was referring to is the tables in the ReportServer... database.  If you have the table dbo.Catalog - run a query to see what (if anything) exists in that table.  The catalog will tell you if there are any reports published - dbo.ChunkData will have the report definition if it exists.

    I suspect that SSRS does not exist on the old server - that it was probably installed, tested - and then removed.  However, uninstalling SSRS does not uninstall the databases - unless you also uninstall the database engine where the databases are hosted.

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  • Thanks Jeffrey for mentioning it.

    SSRS keeps the executions of reports in the view

    SELECT *

    FROM [ReportServer].[dbo].[ExecutionLog3]

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