Question about which cloud provider to get certified with.

  • Hi all! An opportunity within my company recently came up that would allow me to pursue a foundational certification for either GCP or AWS (AWS Certified Developer Associate vs GCP Associate Cloud Engineer). I wanted to reach out to ask if anyone had valuable insight about which certification would be most worthwhile to pursue.

    For context, I’m very interested in AI, and I’m currently part of another training program that is helping me develop within that space. So I’d like to pursue a certification with the cloud provider that is best positioned in the market today to meet the future demand for cloud-deployed AI. I’m not only thinking about current market share here, but also about AI capabilities and pioneering. While AWS would come out on top on the market share front for now, I have a feeling that Google is more advanced when it comes to AI, but I’m not basing this view on any hard evidence, just on what I know about both companies.

    I’m excited to hear your thoughts! Thanks in advance for the advice!

  • Well, AI, believe it or not, Microsoft Azure is where I'd go to look. There's some amazing stuff going on there.

    I'm absolutely NOT an AI expert of any kind. However, from the work I have done and conversations with people who actually know what they're talking about, for AI only, I'd rank the cloud providers this way:




    Other people are not going to agree.

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