Question about using Python in conjunction to SQL Server

  • In a recent months I saw a lot of job ads that require Python in addition to SQL Server. I am SQL Server DBA/developer, and recently learned some Python from videos. I can do some elementary Python coding in PyCharm, but how it is related to SQL Server, or any database coding? If anybody is working with both, what are practical applications of Python to database? Can you give some examples?




  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • One of the examples could be a use of SQOOP process (configured in Python), when data is being massaged and copied from Hive (Big Data) to SQL Server for reporting purposes thru table partitioning on SQL Server side.

  • Have similarly been learning Python lately.  This is because of an interest in both DevOps and AI.   Python seemed very versatile.  Over the years I have learnt many scripting languages so wanted to invest my time in something that wasn't a one trick pony.  However, so far, my experimentation has been confined to experimenting with basic syntax using Visual Studio Code.

  • There is a lot of hype about Python being used in data science, in data movement (Scraping, etl, etc.) and more. You can execute Python code inside of SQL Server. It's a language that is used widely, so I'm not surprised jobs ask for it.

    Keep in mind that often a job description is aspirational. It's things someone wants, but doesn't necessarily need.

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