Query with a column containing JSON text

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    I have a table MyFiles with columns Id, FileName, FolderName, KeyPairs. The last one (nvarchar(MAX)) contains JSON text like this:

    {"Licence No ": "12345", "ID Number ": "345678", "Class ": "1AC ", "Card Number ": "6 666 666 666 ", "Expiry Date ": "22 DEC 2016 "}

    I need to write a query which will return the following data:

    Id, FileName, FolderName, [Licence No], Class, [Expiry Date]

    with a filter where [Expiry Date] is greater than the current date.

    If any of  [Licence No], Class, [Expiry Date] is not present in KeyPairs column, it should return NULL for that column.



  • select t.Id, t.FileName, t.FolderName,
    kp.LicenceNo, kp.IDNumber, kp.Class, kp.CardNumber, kp.ExpiryDate
    from MyFiles t
    outer apply openjson(t.KeyPairs)
    with (LicenceNo int '$."Licence No "',
    IDNumber int '$."ID Number "',
    Class varchar(10) '$."Class "',
    CardNumber varchar(20) '$."Card Number "',
    ExpiryDate date '$."Expiry Date "' ) kp;


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