Query Text not showing in Azure SQL Analytics for SQL-Managed-Instance Database

  • Hi, I have configured a diagnostic setting to a Log Analytics Workspace for a database that is part of an Azure SQL Managed Instance. When checking top queries, I am able to see the query hash of each individual query when I drill down, but not the query text itself. Instead I am told to, for example:

    -- Get query text by connecting to database and executing the query below

    SELECT qt.query_sql_text query_text, q.query_hash

    FROM sys.query_store_query q

    JOIN sys.query_store_query_text qt

    ON q.query_text_id = qt.query_text_id

    WHERE q.query_hash = 0x29CF07BC6B275535

    This is not happening for Azure SQL Databases. The above instruction appears temporarily, but then the actual query text appears automatically in the same area of the screen.

    Has anyone else observed this behavior?

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  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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