Query Performance comparison between instances

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  • Interesting script and concept, thanks.

  • Thanks! I need it after consolidating sql server into a new instance and wanted to compare the execution performance.

    I need it to be as simple as possible as an additional step in a migration workbook, without exporting and importing tables.

    The scripts generates the output and then, when you run the output on the destination server, the comparisons are made.

  • So, I am curious. The comments in here are pretty much positive, yet the article is only rated one star. It would be interesting to see why people only rated the article (and script) one star and I am sure that would be valuable feedback for the author. I am guessing all of us strive to improve, so the next time you go to rate an article, think about why you are rating the article that way and then drop a note into the article discussion forum and let the author know. Anyone who takes the time to write an article that is published out to the SQL Server community would welcome feedback on what they are doing well and what they can do to improve.

  • I agree Tim. For those who don't find use to a particular article, you may as well not rate it. For me, although I am not going to use this immediately, I do see the usefulness for this and hence rated this high.

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