Query for the current Service Pack installed

  • Does anyone know of a stored procedure or glkobal variable that gets an SQL Server's current Service Pack?

  • select @@version will get you the information you are looking for.

    Versions are as follows

    SQL Server NoSP SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4 SP5 SP5a

    SQL Server 6.0 6.00.121 6.00.124 6.00.139 6.00.151

    SQL Server 6.5 6.50.201 6.50.213 6.50.240 6.50.258 6.50.281 6.50.415 6.50.416

    SQL Server 7.0 7.00.623 7.00.699 7.00.842 7.00.961

    SQL Server 2000 8.00.194 8.00.384

    This may look funky so, if you want it in excel email me and I will send it.




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  • When I selected @@version I got this:

    Microsoft SQL Server 7.00 - 7.00.961 (Intel X86)

    Oct 24 2000 18:39:12

    Copyright (c) 1988-1998 Microsoft Corporation

    Standard Edition on Windows NT 4.0 (Build 1381: Service Pack 6)

    Does that mean I have service pack 4? Is there an SP 4 for SQL 7?

  • Oh I get it now. I have SP 3, thanks for the help, you are the man. I am off to thank Microsoft for not making this conversion.

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