QOD issues?

  • Seems to me that the QOD system is in need of an overhaul or replacement, today's describes what to do and references a non-existant query, that the answers also refer to...

    Then after that frustration I see links in the Daily Update for QOD for Dec 30 2005 and Jan 02 2006!

    Today is 12/20/2005, so I guess you should rename this feature to QOF (Question of the Future)? Or maybe QOS (Question for the Suckers)?

    The interface is also counter productive, who remembers the date of the QOD? Why not reference the Question text instead of the date?


  • The problems with the questions are hard to deal with becuase it requires multiples sets of eyes willing to proof them. I might get someone to do a few, but not for long. It's an ongoing problem and we try to avoid it. The best solution would be for lots of members to each submit a question

    Lots of people do look through the questions by the day and it's hard to provide a summary in a subject line. For many questions it wouldn't make sense.

    For the future questions, we have to reload some of these and it's a random thing. We don't always load them on a Monday or something like that. Since people want to join the discussion sometimes, we include them in the newsletter. To remove those, we'd have to remove them completely from the newsletter.

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