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  • macer23


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    Hi guys,

    My Qns:

    1) Must the tables, data types, length be the same between my external(production) and internal(intranet) sql server?

    2) Can i do an export of all the data records(from all the tables) from my external sql server, and import it from my internal?

    Thanks guys!

  • Andy Warren

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    No, they don't have to be the same. Usually they are, but with a little work you can handle this. Not sure you should though. One of the nice things (to me anyway) is that if something happens and a subscriber gets out of sync, I just blow away the table and repopulate - as described below. This only applies to replicated tables - you can have all the other objects you want.

    The replication wizard will handle the export/import for you. Basically it scripts out all objects being replicated, bcps the data out, then applies the scripts to the subscriber and bcps the data back in - this is the initial 'snapshot'.


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