Purchase SQL 2016 Standard? Possible Still?

  • Is it possible to purchase SQL 2016 Standard still? I have a requirement to load this for specific software, and see I can still get evals on Microsoft site, but under "BUY" it says upgrade to Server 2019. Are vendors like CDW/Insight able to provide licensing for this still?

  • you buy the license for 2019 - and that license allows you to install 2016 as part of downgrade license terms.

    see https://docs.microsoft.com/answers/storage/attachments/96089-sql-server-2019-licensing-guide.pdf - page 39

    so you to install sql 2016 standard you would need to buy either SQL 2019 standard or enterprise, and install the desired SQL 2016 version.

  • That is my understanding as well. But I'd still suggest talking to someone who specializes in licensing because it's quite complex now.

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  • info is on MS licensing document itself - if that one is wrong ....

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