Pulling My Hair Out

  • Uptime generally is a result of the user's skill. I have worked with DOS, Windows, Linux/AIX/Solaris, OS/2, Mac, etc., and most often how the machine is set up determines how stable it will be. I had a NT 4.0 server running SQL Server 7.0 that went more than 400 days without a reboot, and I had a big Solaris/Oracle box that crashed at least once a week.

    However, some machines are just plain possessed by evil computer spirits, no getting around that!

  • Hey even the japanese stock exchange has problems....


    "No one at Mizuho will speak publicly about exactly what happened. But someone at the securities arm of Japan's second-largest bank botched the numbers. The sell order was entered as 610,000 shares of J-Com at 1 yen a piece — less than a cent.

    Then the person hit the send key.

    Mizuho's error was a buyers' bonanza. The big winners were day traders who alerted one another to the opportunity online, and other securities firms, such as U.S. investment bank Morgan Stanley, which emerged at the bell 5½ hours later with a claim to 31.5% of J-Com stock."

    But this time its ID10T errors.  Expensive ones.  But everyone can't have a good day.  And it concludes that there are enough stupid people from giant companies and small ones including Morgan Stanley, who are willing to believe that everything they see on the pc is real and true, no matter who they squash in the mean time.

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