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  • Rob Mahaney

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    OK I know I am dreaming but does anyone know of a way to switch a transactional subscription from Pull to Push without having to regenerate a snapshot?  We have a 166 GB database that they want to change subscription type and I don't want to pull an all nighter dropping and adding the subscription.

  • Hilary Cotter


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    stop all activity on the publisher - kick all your users off. Drop the subscriber and then do a no sync push. You won't need to regenerate the snapshot and deploy it.

    If you can't kick all your users off use the continue on data consistency errors profile.


    Hilary Cotter

    Looking for a SQL Server replication book?


    Looking for a FAQ on Indexing Services/SQL FTS



  • Rob Mahaney

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    Thanks I'll try that!  Any ideas how long every one needs to be kicked off for a 160 GB database?

  • MyDoggieJessie


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    Did this work? I'm looking at attempting the same thing...

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