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    I am sure this answer exists, but I have spent a lot of time trying to figure it out and cant seem to find it.


    I have the free version of Power BI Desktop designer and want to publish to a local version of Power BI server. On the "Publish" button, I only see the web destination. Is there a way to add my local server as a publishing destination?


    I have attached my "destinations" list when I click Publish...

    Thank you so much in advance!

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  • frederico_fonseca


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    to publish to a Local  Server you need to use Power Bi Report Server

    Note that this is a licensed piece of software which you can use if you have either of the following

    • SQL Server enterprise with SA
    • Power BI Premium (Cloud based - subscription of 5k a month minimum)

      • Allows On Prem install of up to a certain number of cores according to the cloud subscription level

    • Or SQL Server Developer - for non production use

    In the case of local server you also need to use a specialized version of Power Bi Desktop which is at the same level of the Power BI Server


    and for download

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