Publication owner Vs Subscriber owner

  • I am trying to do replication from source database with owner 'SYSTEM' to target database on different server when the replication is completed the object at target database have 'DBO' owner ship insteed of 'SYSTEM'.

    How do i replicate between source and target database on different servers so that owner of the source and target database remain same?

    Please help me in this..


  • Im surprised this would happen, but I dont use object ownership, so wouldnt have noticed if it did! Seems like you should be able to change the object owner on the subscriber manually if nothing else. I will experiment some.


  • Please notice that I am doing merge replication where sql-server never ask for

    destination database owner.


  • What kind of subscriber it is if it is a puch subscriber then the owner will be System....

    If it is pull or anonymous it will be DBO 🙂

    Aleem A Mohammed

    Aleem A Mohammed

  • It is push subscribtion..

  • What happend no solution till date???.


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