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    i m using psftp utilitie to post file on sftp server using execute process task.Its running fine on my local machine

    when i schedule job in sql server agent , it just keep running and block whole DB.

    is there a permission issue, we r using a service account to schedule job that has access to sftp site(like login and pw)

    what else it could be?



  • Sue_H

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    Is PSFTP installed where the package is being executed? You installed it locally to test but where else did you install it?

    You may also want to check the following article which walks through using PSFTP and SSIS  - it has some additional troubleshooting:

    Implement SFTP File Transfer with SQL Server Integration Services and PSFTP



  • coool_sweet


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    it it installed in shared drive which has production server path.

    and its not failing , it jut keep running

  • frederico_fonseca


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    on the link that Sue gave there is a set of instructions to debug it.

    Also a set of details of steps that need to be done to ensure that the ssh key was added to the user running the package.

    if you haven't already give the steps a go and see if the issue is related to that.

    and make sure that your command line has the "-batch" option so that it fails the connection if there are any issues.

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