Provider not found in SSMS

  • I am trying to setup a linked server and per the documentation it needs to use MSODBCSQL18 - and so we've installed that.

    It's installed because if I go into the ODBC Data Sources in Windows, I can see it under Drivers and create a connection with it there.

    However, in SSMS I still only see the old (version 17) under the Linked Servers -> Providers list.  Does anyone know how to register the new driver so that SQL will see it?


  • did you install it on the SERVER? or just your local PC?

    and did you install the same "bit" version of the drivers as your SQL instance? if server is 64 bit (it should be!!) your install of the driver, on the server should be 64 bit as well

  • In this particular instance, my local PC is the server - right now we're just trying to see if we can actually make the connection.

    Everything is 64-bit including the driver.  Running Windows 11 and SQL 2022 Developer Ed.

    In the past when I've installed an Oracle driver, I had a similar issue and the fix was to make sure the location of the driver was in my PATH environment variable...  in this case, the driver is in Windows\System32 along with the older driver, and I've confirmed it's in the PATH variable (it would have to be, as the old driver still works)

    As an aside, what we're trying to do ultimately is create a linked server to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM instance that's sitting in GCCH Azure, and that uses two factor authentication.  We found an article on how to set a linked server - but it fails when using MSODBCSQL.  Allegedly the newer version MSODBCSQL18 will work, but not unless I get SQL to recognize that it's there.

    We're basing this off the following article:






  • Your link uses the Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server not the ODBC driver. Maybe you should try that.

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