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    Hi All,

    I'm just after a pointer really. I've had an idea.

    I want to prouduce a database. One where information is stored about certain items. The items have certain properties. Some of these properties would have paramaters, variables and the the database would have to run calculations, some simple algebra, some lookups, some calculations are fairly complex with many stages. All of what I require is possible  in Microsoft excel however to keep it organised I'd need many tabs and a separate workbook for each item.

    I have no experience with databases, I can however, code some java and have developed a few android apps for personal use. I am also a former graphic designer and now work as an engineer to the oil and gas industry.

    My dream is to have a calulcation database that does all the above but I want it to be wrapped up in something pretty like sharepoint (as opposed to access). I want to do any of the required coding in java.

    My question is - am I asking the impossible or can this be done?

    If it can I'd really like some pointers as to where to start my research - and if I'm posting in the wrong forum/website/etc any help as to where to ask?

    I have what I think is a fantastic project - potentially a massive undertaking but one i'd enjoy and hopefully would be able to sell at a later date as a polished package.

    I'd really appreciate your experience guys.



  • maverickuk82

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    I envisage 10+ users using sharepoint (or similar) to access and update the parameters of the an item, the database would then carry out its calculations, and issue a report and update the database with the joint results.

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