Pros and Cons of SQL Sever Datamining

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    I need to give a proposal for a project where i need to suggest SQL server data mining. I need some information on the pros and cons of SQL server data mining like how much data it can handle , performance , flexibility , which business scenarios it will not help etc.

    Any information on comparison of SQL server data mining with other data mining tools in market like SAS , Clementine , Intelligent Miner etc.

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    As I don't really know the other tools I can't really give any cons of SQL Server, aside from the learning curve perhaps.

    But I've got some pro's:

    * If you have already SQL Server: it is free!

    * Good integration with Excel (which is still the most commonly used BI interface)

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    BOL has some good links to get you started: for 2005, for 2008 and for 2008 R2.

    Other alternative to consider is the R Project[/url], free, open-source, widely used in the statistical community. Not sure if there's any direct comparison to SQL Server out there, probably something comparing to SAS

    How best to post your question[/url]
    How to post performance problems[/url]
    Tally Table:What it is and how it replaces a loop[/url]

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