Proper use of a SAN

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    Hi all...

    I have the following network setup:

    6 machines running HyperV (2012)

    2 10GBe switches

    1 24TB Dell SAN

    On the SAN, we have carved out "LUN"s for data, logs, backups, files.

    We have a virtual 2012 server called svr-files-01.

    All contact for the SAN goes through svr-files-01.


    database named Blue

    files info:



    We have 2 virtual SQL servers - svr-sql-01 & svr-sql-02.

    I want to setup HA using a 3rd witness server.

    I _know_ we have a big hole in that if the "svr-files-01" stops - everything loses connection.

    What did we do wrong?

    The 1st time we set it up, we had multiple virtual machines pointing to the same "LUN" and it corrupted the database files.

    Any help or pointers to the right material to read would be very appreciated.



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    Why would you not use clustered shared volumes?


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