Problems using db_ddladmin role

  • HI,

    I have a developer who is working in a test environment and I assigned him to the db_ddladmin role. He used query analyzer to create a table(which he was able to do) but in the process it gave him warning messages. Then after creating table, he could not alter it in anyway. Now he informed me that he has no problem using visual studio 2008 to work with the table. I have been doing some research on the internet and see this is not an uncommon scenario for the db_ddladmin role to appear to not work in the gui environment. I finally just made him a member of the db_owner role and everything worked everywhere. But I really don't want to do this on a normal routine.

    Can someone explain why this is happening? and is there a best practices on assigning permissions to allow developers to create their own objects, ie( what roles to assign them??) My goal is for them to create their own tables, stored procs, views ...

    Thanks so much,

    Juanita 😛

  • Is he part of an NT group? If so, this is a known problem and according to M$ it is by design ...[/url]

  • HI Adam,

    Actualy on this particular sql server instance he has his own windows login and then there is a windows group that he is also a part of. Thank you for the link


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