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  • liyaka

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    We run sp to insert data into the table.

    The query contains couple of joins ant outer joins.

    When we run the query against the relatively small amount of data - 500000 records it works right, however running it against 3000000 records does not give correct results.

    Have you ever encountered such problem?

    And how you solved it?

    Thank you.

  • guarddata


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    Outer joins have occasionally caught me off-guard. When the test data didn't have the same join condition as the full set, it was hard to catch the error in my join clause.

    You might get a second pair of eyes to look at the code to see if there is anything you might have overlooked.


  • padmakumar_pga

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    Try Join Hints or option with Join .

    The Query Optimizer always tries to identify the fastest way to JOIN tables.

    The fastest JOIN method is the Loop JOIN, followed by the Merge and the Hash JOIN

  • liyaka

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    Thank you.

    here is my statement

    INSERT table1 (col1, col2, col3

    SELECT col1,col2,col3

    FROM rdwMHSmedmas AS l

    JOIN table2 x

    ON l.clm = x.clm

    JOIN table3 AS pl

    l.poscod = pl.poscod

    JOIN view1 AS pg

    ON l.grpnum = pg.grpnum

    LEFT OUTER JOIN table4 AS pr

    ON l.provno =pr.provno

    LEFT OUTER JOIN viewdDup dup

    ON l.claimno = dup.claimno

    WHERE l.brancd = '01'

    AND l.statcd = 'P'

    AND l.unitct > 0

    AND l.dat >= '01/01/2001'

    AND dup.clmnum IS NULL

    This insert should not give me records existing in viewdDup.

    Am I wrong?

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