Problem with sql server 2005 std 32 bit and RAM usage

  • Hi All,

    i have a sql server 2005 standard (32 bit) installed on windows server 2003 standard (64 bit ), the RAM was 6 GB but now i upgraded it to 14 GB. The issue is SQL Server is not using more than 3.7GB ram.

    Is it possible to enable AWE in my sql server ?what is the memory access limit of sql server 2005 std edition(32 bit)? Plz suggests a possible solution to overcome the memory usage limit of sql server standard 2005 32 bit system in this situation??

    I think the problem is we installed sql server 2005 std (32 bit) ON windows 2003 std (64 bit) instead of sql server 2005 std (64 bit)?. we chose sql server 2005 std 32 bit bcos our System Adimn was against of sql server 2005 std 64 bit(i dont know the reason behind that but heard something like it was unstable at that it true?


    Thanks In advance,


  • hi there....

    there is no issue with 64 bit...your system admin is wrong!

    you say you are using 3.7 gig, did you run dbcc memory status for this ( check here

    1.what are using as a measurement?

    2. how big is your DB

    3. how long have you been running since the upgrade/install....sql will not just start out by grabbing all the is a slow ramp up

    4. you can set AWE as well as max/min memory setting if you have done so already.

  • Hi,

    Size of DB is 70GB,AWE is not enabled...

    Query response is very slow...can anyone suggest a solution.



  • Ah 70 GB is it that much!!..

  • We could suggest 100 things, but they could all be for nothing on your system. You need to give us a LOT more detail about what is not performing, how you determined it, structures, execution plans, sample data, etc, etc.

    AWE is a start, but by itself it would entirely explain a slow performing system.

  • Hi

    Please provide more information about your server as well as sql server memory configuration

    1 )What is memory configuration in boot.ini file (swtich used related to memory usage like /PAE /3gb /userva )

    2)What is memory configuration done at SQL Server AWE, min and max memory

    3) is your system recongized 14 GB of memory

    4) did u observe whether your system utilized more than 3.7 GB of memory before upgrade(6 GB)?



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