Problem with NT Authentication

  • I use the SQL Maintenance Plan to generate DB and Trans Logs dumps. The job runs under the authority of the “Admin” account. Generally, the process works fine but occasionally we get:

    “The Job Failed. Unable to determine if the owner (<domain name>\Admin) of Job Transaction Log Backup Job for DB maintenance Plan “<machine name> Backup Plan” has server access (reason: Could not obtain information about Windows NT group/user <domain name>\Admin [SQLSTATE 42000] Error 8198).

    In other words, NT authentication seems to fail. Anyone had the same experience? Any ideas what’s going on?


    Bill Salkin

  • I see this occassionly on my W2K/SS2K server. Actually I had it the last two nights. The server is across a slow link fro the domain and it seems to have problems reaching the domain controller at times. I don't have a solution other than reboot and force a new authentication to the domain controller.

    Keep in mind that if your plan accesses resources off the local machine, security credentials are checked with the domain controller. This is a real-time authenticaiton.

    Steve Jones

  • Does anybody have any new information about this issue? I am experiencing it - and my network guys claim nothing has changed regarding our domain controller - and my server hasn't changed. Yet friday everything worked Ok, and now I get this error message.

    I checked the microsoft knowledge base - the one article doesn't apply to my situation as I have 2000 server checking against an NT PDC.

    I can't find much in the way of 'how' sql server accesses the NT verification system, b/c I think that is where the problem is.

  • Could you try a static lmhosts file for the pdc so the server knows where to go.

    Simon Sabin

    Co-author of SQL Server 2000 XML Distilled

    Simon Sabin
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