Problem with linked servers

  • I have sql server 2005 servers set up as linked servers. The problem is if I access the link server from the server to which it is linked, it works fine where as If I access from other server it says login failed for anonymous user. Example . If A is linked to B. Then the qry

    select * from A.db.dbo.tbl succeeds if executed from B where as it gives the above error if run from server C. All server are in same domain and are connected.

    The security used for linked server is: be made using login's current security context.

    I have checked the login. The same exist on all three servers with sysadmin permission.


  • Hi

    On Server C change the Linked Server security to the option " Be made using Login's current security context" instead of using the option " Be made without using a security context (Anonymous authentication)"

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  • linked server is on A and am just accessing it from server C.


  • got it...a known isu..must have googled before posting .. 🙂


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