Problem with Importing flat files with embedded (CR)(LF) characters.

  • Jeff Moden

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    Script tasks ARE fun but it shouldn't be necessary. SSIS should be able to handle the problem just fine if the text qualifier is enabled.

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  • kingdonshel


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    I am really not big on scrpting guys I think I would still need to provide a column delimiter, to the scrpt. I am working with a comma delimited file that has tripple quotes around the last column which is the Comments column. This column has the hidden characters which causes the problem.

    I have already mentioned that I have set the text qualifiers to both True and False on the connection manager and it still did not work.

    Could anyone suggest where I could fina script to overcome this problem since I think this might be the only solution. I don't find scripts to be fun since I am not savvy with scripting languages.

  • gregdavis11009


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    I have the same problem with an LF character embedded inside a quoted field header from a CMS data file download.  If I figure something out, I'll post back.  SSIS is not as forgiving as other data import software (it can be a real pain in the @ss sometimes).

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