Problem with a SQL Server Proxy account

  • I am using an Application which  accesses certain registry hives.

    the application runs fine as long as I am logged in with a specific user (which was made especially for this purpose)

    Now the task is, to run this appliation unattended via sql server agent or from SSIS.

    To do this , I set up a Proxy account and the Package runs fine  started from SQL server agent as long as the specific user is logged in.

    But only then!  I can close the RDP-Session without logging of and it stll runs fine.

    But, say after a restart of the SQL-Server then it fails.

    I get a message from my application which says taht there is a configuration problem. And it seems that teh registry hive is empty (no error message about access violation).

    Is there something I have to take into account  while using the Proxy account?


  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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