Problem replaying traces with rollover

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    I have a problem that is driving me crazy. I have a set of trace files (.trc, .trc_1, .trc_2, etc.) that were captured from a SQL server 2000 machine. I am replaying them on a SQL Server 2005 server (with all of the pertinent databases).

    I can replay the trace files one at a time, but I cannot get them to play the rollover files automatically. I followed the online instructions and went into Tools, Options and selected "Load all rollover files in sequence without prompting" but the trace replay always stops at the end of the first file (.trc).

    I don't know if this issue is because the traces were captured on SQL 2000 and being replayed in SQL 2005 or what.

    Does anyone have any ideas?



  • Jack Corbett

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    You could try loading the files into a table and replay the trace from the table.

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    We did try that, then Profiler complained that there were events missing. The traces replay from the files just fine.

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