Problem loading records using informatica

  • chinn


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    Here is the problem.We are trying to load records from oracle to Sql server using informatica and some records doesnt come through and either informatica trace or the sql server trace reports about the missing records.

    Can any body help or give any suggestions on how and where to start troubleshooting this wierd issue.


    Thanks in Advance.

  • Jo Pattyn


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    I'm not familiar with informatica. The main issues we had with importing from oracle to sql server are dates<1800.

  • dmbaker


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    What version of Informatica are you using?

    Do your session and/or workflow logs for the workflow and session(s) having the problem report any errors? You said there's something about missing records, but what is the specific message and where is it reported? I expect it'd be in your session logs.

    Generally, when troubleshooting an Informtica issue, I'll start with the session logs. We're using v. 6 here and have noticed some issues with SQL Server (especially when using stored procedures--you're not using stored procedures to insert your data are you?). Have you enabled detailed logging in your sessions, to try to track down what's going on?

  • chinn


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    I am thinking we are using v 7...the problem here the informatica logs say they loaded all the records successfullly and not reporting any errors.But sql server is not receving all the records that informatica session logs report.


    Thanks In Advance.

  • vengalp

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    Was anyone able to resolve this issue or any ideas? I am also facing the same issue.

    The log files shows 1000 records inserted into the table but the count is less what has been loaded into sql server table.Informatica nor sql server is tracing the missing records. from informatica view it got the message all the rows got succesfully inserted.

    Thanks in advance

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  • SQL Daddy


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    If you are getting problem during loading records using informatica  or how Informatica Read JSON then it may be some common issue . So take your time and you can go through here that steps I have mentioned below, Which are as follows

    1.       Download and Install ZappySys JSON ODBC Driver (for JSON Files and REST API)
    2.       Create ODBC DSN using ZappySys JSON driver for your API Service (You can override most of the DSN settings via SQL Query at runtime)
    3.       Create Relational > ODBC Connection in Informatica Workflow designer (Point to JSON DSN we created in the previous step)
    4.       Import JSON Source Definition in the Informatica Mapping Designer > Sources Tab
    5.       Import Target Table Definition in the Informatica Mapping Designer > Targets Tab
    6.       Create source to target mapping in Mappings tab
    7.       Save mapping (name m_API_to_SQL_Load )
    8.       Create Session using the mapping we created in the previous step
    9.       Save Workflow and execute to load JSON data into SQL Table. Verify your data and log.

    For more detail about task check out here, all steps is mentioned with video, Feel free to visit .
    Hope it will work.

    SSIS Json source[/url] : The Json file soure is used to to read data from Json file. We have mentioned source code with example.

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