Problem in executing a simple select query

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    I am running SQLCE at Pocket PC Emulator 2003 SE. I have a database and i am accessing records from it, the system gives error on executing the query at Emulator.

    I have problem in executing the query

    SELECT DelPatientNo,DelInstruction,RXNO,RefillNo,Notes,Copay FROM Order. The Error Message is=There was an error parsing the query. [ Token line number = 1,Token line offset = 68,Token in error = Order ]

    Error Number is=25501

    I have tried this query from query analyzer at emulator and found same error. Also the query Select * from Order generates same error.

  • Nitin Sontakke

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    Please note that the 'Order' is a reserved word in T-SQL, as in 'ORDER BY' clause.

    Modify your state as follows:

    Select * from [dbo].[Order]

    Good luck!

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