Problem exporting to Excel

  • I have created a large tablix report that shows our daily sales for the year by day. I need this to be able to render to Excel 2007 for our execs but every time I try to export it if fails. When I try to email it through subscription I get the following error:

    Failure sending mail: Excel Rendering Extension: Number of columns exceeds the maximum possible columns per sheet in this format; Columns Requested: 552, Max Columns: 256Mail will not be resent.

    Is there any way around this???

  • Hi.

    In my opinion, you can have a try of RAQ Report. With it, you can export your report to several sheets of an Excel file. Then, your problem is solved.

    For specific operations, you can download a free edition and refer to detailed user manual.



    RAQ Report: Web-based Excel-like Java reporting tool[/url]

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