Problem Deleting Backup Data (sp_delete_backuphistory)

  • Thanks, Fred Williams  and Patrick Smith for your help, I faced same issue, I have to delete around 2 years of data, I was trying month wise purging, when I started purging, it was taking 30 mins, after completed 5-6 month data, it took around 6-7 hrs, then I added Index and it was taking 10-15 mins.

    Thank you very much.


    Rajesh Gohil.

  • The first procedure that can be used is sp_delete_backuphistory. This system stored procedure takes a single parameter - a cutoff date. The 2nd system stored procedure allows you to delete historical backup data for a specific database and is called sp_delete_database_backuphistory

    Process to delete  backup data-

    Right click a database in the Object Explorer pane and select the Delete option: In the Delete Object dialog check the Delete backup and restore history information for databases option: Note that using this option will not only delete backup and restore history, it will also drop the whole database.


    Rachel Gomez

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