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  • Hi there,

    I have taken over a new server (6.5) and have added a new user called DW user. I have given this user access to all DB`s on user creation. However, there is a db I need this user to access, but it can`t getting error 916 : server user id ** is not a valid user in <dbname>. I`ve checked and rechecked that the access rights are ok and they seem ok. What is weird, is that when creating the user it wouldn`t let me put a tick in the allowed access column of this particular DB, all the other DB`s were ok though. What would cause this??



  • Steve can probably help more than I can - Im trying to forget 6.5 ever existed! In 7/2k you'd run into this if you had an "orphaned" user. Might try looking at sysusers for that one db and see if you see an entry for your problem user already there.


  • The ID is there in sysusers. This is a new user I only just created though..?!

    Cheers for teh reply.


  • I think I`ve figured it. I`ve just checked the sysusers table of the DB in questiion. The suid of the user is listed as 19, however, in all the other DB`s the suid is 17. Which makes me think that, maybe this single DB was backed up or something, moved to a different server without that user, so you may be right about the orphaning problem. Is there any way of fixing it though without having to fiddle with the sysusers table??

    Cheers Andy.

  • Nope, just change the suid. In SQL7/2K you could use sp_change_users_login, not sure if it exists in 6.5.


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