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  • I created a report that prints a blank page every other page. The blank page registers as a printed page because my global pageno shows the page number at the bottom. I've tried changing my layout margins and that doesn't seem to want to stop the blank page from printing. I usually do not develop the reports to print, but, this particular one needs to. Any advice on how to trouble shoot? Oh yea, I also setup the report to print in landscape by changing the page width and heights to 11 by 8.5.



  • You're on the right track, this is because your report is too wide. You have to verify three things to get printing to work: page size, margins and the width of the Body.

    Go to the drop-down at the top of the Properties window and choose Body. The Size will tell you how how large your working area is, and the width is constrained by the position and size of the fields in your report. The Body width + Left margin + Right margin determines how wide the page is, and you're likely over 8.5.

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  • Thank you! I didn't even think to check the body size. Once I saw that it was over the width of my page and adjusted it, that fixed my problem.


  • your document is excessively huge. You want to affirm 3 matters to get printing to work: a web page length, edges, and the width of the Body. Go to the drop-down at the best factor of the Properties window and select out Body. The Size will allow you to recognize how big your functioning place is, and the width is pressured via way of means of the location and length of the fields for your document For more details Printing Services Near me

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