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  • rayabharapusuman


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    How to resolve the print issues in ssrs bcoz i set my report layout to 12 in width to 11 inches height to see my report to get exported to pdf exactly. But i find a problem when exported to excel because the page is set up to portrait and to letter by default(which is not enough sometimes for printing). I want to set that to landscape and use legal as the page size. Can we do this dynamically instead the user setting those setting.

    How can we actually use the print setting and make the export functionality work smoother and print happens smoothly.

    Please let me know on this.

  • krishthili

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    Portrait-A4 Size

    Body size: 7.75 in

    width: 8.27in


    Landscape-A4 Size

    Body Size: 10.625in



    Landscape-Legal Size

    Body Size:13.625in



    Please, set this size and test it

  • markjason

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    Thanks for providing such info.


    Folder Printing

  • pcq0125


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    I know this post has been  a while. I am in the same situation trying to use SSRS invoke Excel printing format with landscape, tabloid, 17 X 11 and fit into one page but when user export the excel online the format did not take place. Can you tell me where do I change the HTML code on SSRS?

    Thanks for your help

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