Preventing Access

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    Nice, simple question to start the week on, thanks Steve

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  • williamjoseph.lpa


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    Try a third party tool if you want to access.

  • chrisbray

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    Based on your answer, my answer which was listed as incorrect is actually correct.  You asked what was the best way, and the first part of your explanation is that the best way is to remove Sally and attach her to a different role.  That was not one of the options presented!

    I answered Remove, because I would have done what you stated was actually the best way and from the options provided Remove was the closest to it...

    Not sure why I care since it is only a bit of fun, but oddly I do feel a little put out 🙂

  • Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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    That's not correct. Moving Sally to a new role brings with it the need to maintain the access permissions in two places. If we add TableX, then we need to add this to the JuniorDBA role as well as whatever new role exists.

    The best answer would be to add a new role that has DENY permissions and add Sally to that, which would still give her all the other permissions, but DENY on the one table. Trying to keep the question simpler, I just added a DENY, which is the best answer.

    Removing Sally from the role doesn't work because she loses access to other tables. We are not trying to prevent her from accessing other tables, just the one.

  • Shayn Thomas


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    nice and easy,


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