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  • Hi All,

    I wanted to load windows application log into sql server table. I am using below command but it was throwing error.

    Can anyone help me on how to fix this problem.

    Followed below article to load the windows event log to a table. I created below table and ran below powershell command


    CREATE TABLE [dbo].[EventViewer]


    [Index] [int] NULL,

    [Time] [datetime] NULL,

    [EntryType] [varchar](MAX) NULL,

    [Source] [varchar](MAX) NULL,

    [InstanceID] [varchar](MAX) NULL,

    [Message] [varchar](MAX) NULL



    Get-EventLog -ComputerName <machine name> -LogName Application -After "30-03-2020" | select index,TimeGenerated,EntryType,Source,InstanceID,Message | Out-DataTable | Write-DataTable -ServerInstance <machine name> -Database master -TableName EventViewer

    Error message

    Out-DataTable : The term 'Out-DataTable' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable

    program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again.

    At line:1 char:159

    + ... Generated,EntryType,Source,InstanceID,Message | Out-DataTable | Write ...

    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    + CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (Out-DataTable:String) [], CommandNotFoundException

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CommandNotFoundException

    Powershell version


    PS C:\> Get-Host | Select-Object Version






  • Out-DataTable is not built into Powershell. You have to download it from:


    Then the first line of your Powershell script will be something like:

    . "C:\YourScriptPath\Out-DataTable.ps1"

  • Thank you Ken. I will check on it.

  • Ken,

    I tried including "Out-DataTable" as well as "Write-DataTable" functions code within my powershell script, still I am getting error.




    My observation is that, in Write-DataTable function , there is a positional parameter 4 which is $data and I expecting the windows log data should be fed be fed as input to that parameter $Data but don't know why it was throwing below error message.

    Any help in fixing this below error ?


    cmdlet Write-DataTable at command pipeline position 4

    Supply values for the following parameters:


    Write-DataTable : The input object cannot be bound to any parameters for the command either because the command does

    not take pipeline input or the input and its properties do not match any of the parameters that take pipeline input.

    At E:\scripts\LoadEventviewerToSQL.ps1:174 char:154

    + ... DataTable | Write-DataTable -ServerInstance <machinename> -Database ...

    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    + CategoryInfo : InvalidArgument: (System.Data.Dat...em.Data.DataRow:PSObject) [Write-DataTable], Paramet


    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : InputObjectNotBound,Write-DataTable

    PS E:\scripts>


  • my ps script code looks something like below :

    function Out-DataTable




    function Write-DataTable




    Get-EventLog -ComputerName srv1 -LogName Application | select index,TimeGenerated,EntryType,Source,InstanceID,Message | Out-DataTable | Write-DataTable -ServerInstance srv1 -Database master -TableName EventViewer



  • I have never used Write_DataTable as I am normally reading multiple csv files and do the BulkCopy bit directly in ADO.net.

    You could look at loading the sqlserver module and using Write-SqlTableData. Example 1 below looks similar to what you want:



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