PowerShell Tool Time: Building Help

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    Thanks for another good article in this series.

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    Hi Mike. Excellent article...and series! I just went back and got caught up on the previous articles.

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    A good introduction to documenting cmdlets! The next step to consider is publishing your entire API (i.e. the help from all your cmdlets together). There is unfortunately no built-in support for doing this so some time ago I created DocTreeGenerator (https://github.com/msorens/DocTreeGenerator) to generate a complete web tree of your PowerShell API. And just in the last few weeks I dusted it off, added lots of enhancements and updates, and moved it to github. You can read my original article (still quite valid) on how to use it at SqlServerCentral.com's sister site: https://www.simple-talk.com/sysadmin/powershell/how-to-document-your-powershell-library/

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