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  • Is there any reference that lists the properties and methods for the PowerShell commands and objects? I know I can use the "get-member" cmdlet, but it is a little bit tedious...:-)

    Will the "graphical powershell" scripting environment have "intellisense" in its final build?

  • Not sure. The HELP section for BOL seems to reference the get-help command.


    The learning item references the Windows shell.


  • This link mentions use of -Membertype argument to filter the output a little.

    get-Process | get-Member -Membertype property


    get-Process | get-Member -Membertype method

    I have not worked with PowerShell to much yet so I don't know if that is what you are looking for or not.

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  • Steve, Shawn, thanks for your quick responses.

    Shawn - yes, that's what I'm already using ("MemberType"). While working on PS scripts, I try to build my own reference by copying the output into the good old Notepad. 🙂

    Unfortunately it seems that Microsoft releases its products before finishing writing the appropriate documentation. And when, finally, the documentation is ready, it seems to me that it is written by some overseas guys, who copy and paste content without knowing the product in depth...

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