Powershell command New-AzureRmDataLakeAnalyticsCatalogCredential

  • New to Azure data lake, so please bear with me.

    For the powershell command New-AzureRmDataLakeAnalyticsCatalogCredential, is the Catalog name in the data lake analytics the DatabaseHost?

    Also for the credential, do I use  my subscription email like "xxx@x.com" or I should use "AD\xxx@x.com"? 

    Is the port number always 8080?

    Can I find connection string info at Azure portal as I would with Azure SQL database?

    I keep getting error msg "New-AzureRmDataLakeAnalyticsCatalogCredential : An error occurred while sending the request." What could be causing the problem? I'm already logged onto the Analytics using "Connect-AzureRmAccount".


  • OK, after much digging around, I found I almost got everything wrong - the AccountName is really the Catalog name of the Data Lake Analytics, the rest is all Azure SQL database connection credentials. Now I got "database does not exist" error.

    My Datalake Analytics is in Central US, Azure SQL DB is in West US . I've whitelisted the IP for Analytics on AzureSQL. So what else can be done?

  • I was wrong again. the database name would be the db name under Analytics.

    So the params for this command should be;
    New-AzureRmDataLakeAnalyticsCatalogCredential -AccountName "Datalake_analytics_catalog_name" -DatabaseName "Datalake_analytics_Database" -CredentialName "ANewCredentialNameYouGive" -Credential (Get-Credential) -DatabaseHost "AzureSQLDB" -Port 1433;

    And you use  Azure SQL DB.credential for the "Credential".

    Can this be more confusing?

    Glad finally got this resolved!

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