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  • Hi all, I am SQL Server DBA. I am investigating different BI options for an organisation. Today I just had QlickView did a demo for us. It is good to know the new trend of in-memory analysis solutions. I know Microsoft has released an Excel add-on Powerpivot which is also capable of in-memory analysis. But as Power Pivot is based on Excel, could you guys shed some lights on the best way of deploying Power Pivot in the following enterprise environment.

    5-10 Business analysts/Report developers

    5-10 internal report users (in domain)

    20-50 external report users who prefer to access report via browser

    (outside the domain).

    I would like to have a Power Pivot server, if possible, for dataset version control and reduce resource requirement on individual desktop. But I prefer not to use SharePoint. The reason for this is not to increase the scale of the project, as we are not currently running SharePoint

    We also have asp.net application we would like to provide on-line analysis service in the future. Does Microsoft has plan to release a in memory BI services, which can be integrated into non-SharePoint web application. (Please let me know if there is such a thing already.) Thank you very much. Discussions are welcome.

  • I can't remember exactly what I've been NDA'd to say or not say, so, I'll let Chris Webb say some of it 🙂

    Some notes from recent PASS summit[/url]

    But in general, "they're moving that way"


  • Thanks, Steve.

    But with current Power Pivot, do I have to deploy it through SharePoint?

  • "Sort of" 🙂

    If you mean, to have a Server based instance of this PPivot database, do I need SharePoint? Then yes, you do.

    If you mean, can I deploy my PPivot DB's by either using a file share or emailing them to all and sundry, then yes, you can do that too.

    Not sure in it's current state, that this will do what you need it to do. You 'could' expose data from the Sharepoint hosted DB instance to the outside world using a report/s but this would require you to code up the access (ie write the query/s to extract the data and present it - not nice).


  • Thank you, Steve.

    We have compared the demo from both QlickView and PowerPivot from Sharepoint. We did find that Qlickview is more user intuitive, for example the click-able charts and intelligent filters. Moreover, speed wise Qlickview seems to be quicker than PowerPivot in our demos. But I do like the easiness of setting up a analysis in Excel with PowerPivot. And I am looking forward to what MS can offer in SQL Server Denali.

  • before you go rushing into ClickView - there is one key point I think I should make.............

    almost all roads lead to Excel...... :w00t:

  • No need to have your own SharePoint environment. That is what Pivotstream does - maintain a SharePoint environment and offer tabular models, SQL instance, or you can just use workbook publishing. It is less expensive, more powerful, and more scalable than Power BI.

    Public-facing demos are here... https://explore.pivotstream.com/Pages/default.aspx.

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  • I have compared the demo version of both QuickView and PowerPivot from Sharepoint and found that Qlickview is more user intuitive than PowerPivot.

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