Potential presentation idea: The accidental DR specialist

  • I came up with a new presentation idea this morning, and I could use some feedback on this one.

    Here's the scenario: your boss just gave you a new project: come up with a disaster recovery plan.

    What's that?  You have no idea what to do for disaster recovery?

    This would be a beginner-level presentation.  The target audience would be "accidental DR specialists" -- that is, someone who has a DR strategy project suddenly dropped in his/her lap.  What should this person consider for a DR strategy?  There are the obvious things: backup/restore, off-site storage, hardware, data integrity, application functionality, etc.  There's also the not-so-obvious: documentation and other stuff.

    Where I could use feedback is "other stuff."  What should someone in this situation consider when coming up with a DR plan?

    And, for that matter, what do people think of this presentation idea?

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  • Yeah, pretty good. Intro level sessions are always good.

    Other stuff  = Business definitions in regards to amount of data loss, recovery time, etc., etc., because it's as much a business problem as a technical problem.

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