Post SP2 Fixes Explained

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    Thanks Andy.

    A want to add: they should have posted the path too. It is:

    YourDrive:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\DTS\Tasks

    also, I thought that SP2 adds a feature that Maintenance Plans work without DTS or Integration Services. Looks like it is located under DTS.

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    This just appeared in the TechNet Flash, the URL is:
    Here is an excerpt...

    In response to customer feedback, SQL Server team has revised the mechanism to deliver hotfixes on reported bugs with a new model called Incremental Servicing Model (ISM). The objective is to deliver high quality fixes within an acceptable amount of time and on a predictable schedule.


    We have moved away from current “priority driven” hotfix release model to a scheduled delivery model in which a customer can get a hotfix to service their most critical situations with a short turn-around time or a fix that has undergone higher levels of testing is released on a scheduled basis.


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