Possible Corruption of SQL 2008 R2 Install

  • I Cannot load sql server logs.

    I cannot even make an odbc connection to the box.

    From what I learn so far, the server is corrupted but functioning for the oltp.

    Has anybody run a "repair" utility without heartburns?

    yep, it is a clustered install.

    Any input is welcome

    Paresh Motiwala Manager of Data Team, Big Data Enthusiast, ex DBA

  • Paresh Motiwala (9/15/2015)

    I Cannot load sql server logs.

    SQL Server logs are simple text files. By default, you will find them in the data root, under the Log folder. File names are ERRORLOG, ERRORLOG.1, ERRORLOG.2, .... ERRORLOG.N with N = 6 by default.

    ERRORLOG is the current log, ERRORLOG.1 is the previous one and so on.

    I strongly suggest that you don't try to fix a clustered instance without knowing what's wrong first. Post any relevant ERRORLOG section first.

    BTW, what does Cluster Administrator say about the instance? Is it online, offline, error state?

    -- Gianluca Sartori

  • Agree with Gianluca.

    Copy the error logs to another machine and open them with a text editor.

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