Porting SQL Server info for DR

  • Hi all

    I am just wondering what would you backup/script out from an original server and keep it stored as a script.

    This script can then be used to quickly bring into production a SQL Server that might have crashed.

    I have the following:

    1. Audit

    2. Operators

    3. Mail Config

    4. Custom Error Messages

    5. Proxy

    6. Logins

    7. Instance Advanced config

    8. XE Traces

    9. Some stored procs created in Master DB

    10. TDE

    11, Linked Server

    12. Memory config

    13. CPU/MaxDOP/Threshold of Parallelism

    14. Jobs

    15. please add stuff here.

    I tried searching info around but not much.

    I know all heavy weights are in Seattle.

    But anybody who can contribute anything would be great.

    If you have scripts that can go with it great.


    Paresh Motiwala Manager of Data Team, Big Data Enthusiast, ex DBA

  • What about SQL operators, SQL Alerts?

    Are there any scheduled tasks on the Windows OS?

    Windows Security... AD groups in different containers? Local Admin, power Users etc

    SQL Trace flags that are enabled on the instance? DBCC TraceStatus()

    Check out this tool: https://sqlpowerdoc.codeplex.com/

  • I tend to create a recovery folder for each server I manage. In there put in things like screen shots of the volumes, services and also up to date backups of system databases, along with documented recovery processes - and keep those up to date too.

    As far as scripts and as well as what has already been mentioned: the results of sp_configure (with advanced options), tempdb file configuration, linked servers.

    Maintenance stuff I have fairly central so the alerting is standardised to a point, but of course if the server needs different operators/alerts/settings then copy those out too.

    Just another point: practice it, a full system restore with all the bits and pieces - then document it, then repeat etc etc.

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