Policy Based Management (PBM)

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  • Nice question... PBM is new to me. Thanks for the tip.


  • Hi,

    you can create powershell script to evaluate policy with execution mode OnDemand, and execute that script with SQL Agent job. So, that is solution for OnDemand Policy to run automated.

  • This is a new to me also.

  • Based on BOL the right answer here is wrong.

    In BOL is:

    There are four evaluation modes, three of which can be automated:

    On demand. This mode evaluates the policy when directly specified by the user.

    On change: prevent. This automated mode uses DDL triggers to prevent policy violations.

    On change: log only. This automated mode uses event notification to evaluate a policy when a relevant change is made.

    On schedule. This automated mode uses a SQL Server Agent job to periodically evaluate a policy.

    Here is missing On Demand!!!!!!!!:w00t:

  • Nice question, Nice clear explanation.

    The concept of something that happens "on demand" is automated is somehat amazing, but 37% of replies chose that bizarre concept.


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