• TomThomson

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    SQLRNNR (3/15/2012)

    Basic question. Here's why. Only 4 of the answers are legit evaluation modes. The question asks for four answers.

    Actually it's even more basic than that. If you ask yourself what "On demand, preven" means you will quickly see that it doesn't make sense, so that's the one you eliminate.


  • cengland0


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    Why in the world would someone create a checkbox question with 5 possible answers and tell you to select 4 of them? Why not make it a radio button and ask you to select the one that doesn't apply?

  • Revenant


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    Nice question, forced me to dig for the answers. Thanks!

  • Britt Cluff


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    Good question, thanks for submitting.


  • Hany Helmy


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    Hard 1, had to google it.

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