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  • Kathi, I'm keying off the issue of Stack Overflow and as you put it, SO's "nuances". I've found SO to be good for getting answers to C# and ASP.NET MVC questions. However, SO is horrible to the point of being toxic and abusive regarding getting answers to any TFS (Team Foundation Service) questions.

    About four years ago I became the TFS administrator at the state department where I work, when the former TFS Admin left. I honestly regret having been dumped on me. The reason I was given the TFS Admin position is because I spent time learning better how to use TFS within Visual Studio. (For reasons that aren't clear to me, most of my coworkers don't spend any time learning how better to improve their skills using the tools we all use, whereas I do.) Our version of TFS went out of support years ago. Even though Microsoft produced TFS, fewer Microsoft know TFS to help. Because I was tasked with being the TFS Admin and because my employer doesn't train people on the technologies, they assign us I was thrown into the deep end of the pool. I knew nothing about administering TFS, so all my questions were simplistic, as you'd expect. There are people on SO who I'm sure would crucify others who dare to ask beginner questions about TFS. The only TFS related questions allowed on SO are the most arcane, convoluted questions. All others are quickly turned off so no one can answer them and hidden so no one can find them.

    Kindest Regards, Rod Connect with me on LinkedIn.

  • To concur with Kathi, I agree that people need to include their DDL for the sake of  context.

    My own experience on SO has been a bit mixed. Like Rod says, it is often brilliant for answers to difficult questions. And good answers are respected and voted up. But I have had questions that I have posted simply deleted without notice or comment of any kind. I thought they were OK, but some SO sanitation Nazi obviously didn't. It is possible that they thought the question was overly basic -- unfortunately I can't remember what the question was now.

    Re TFS, it sounds like a toxic pocket of people who feel that their superior expertise justifies them acting like jerks. If you are still saddled with having to support it I would flag it up on SO Meta. There are people there who do really care and try to promote a positive SO experience.

    When I think about it, my biggest problem with SO is actually that it is focussed, not on solving problems, but on answering questions! If my problem can be phrased as a question, well and good. But if I am up against some inscrutable error, which may be the LAN, or the VLAN, or the website I am visiting, or the Web application, or Windows authentication, or some combination of all the foregoing, how do I post a sensible question about it? This is where Experts Exchange seems to win out over SO. Their focus is more on solving problems.

    Anyway, good success everybody, and hang in there. I raise my glass to the brilliant, positive and supportive environment that I have found at SQL Server Central.



  • SO Meta?! That sounds very promising!! I hope I can log into that using my SO account. I've just gone to SO Meta. I'm able to get into it using my SO credentials. But tell me, how is it different from SO?

    And thank you, Mark, for such an excellent response to my input!

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    Kindest Regards, Rod Connect with me on LinkedIn.

  • I should have said "Stack Exchange" rather than SO. Stack Exchange refers to the whole group of sites with the same overarching philosophy and structure -- though Stack Overflow was the first site (and I think still the biggest). Sorry for the confusion.

    So to rephrase, SE Meta is for questions and issues relating to Stack Exchange itself.

    As an aside, I teach chemistry and have also posted a couple of questions on their chemistry site. I also find the Workplace and Academia sites a dangerously engaging read.


  • I have made it a habit to include a check on compilation errors in my script.

    Otherwise you may end up testing an old version of your program

    CREATE PROC usp_getPlanes AS

    SELECT ID, Name, Description

    FROM airplanes;


    if @@error=0

    EXEC dbo.usp_getPlanes;

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